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“I actually am really surprised that I can feel such a difference in myself and the way my body feels.  I feel open, no stomach aches, light…to say the least! But the real test was today visiting my nautropath and how happy he was!  I have been having issues of the last couple years with blood pressure, kidney and liver stuff and today my blood pressure was the lowest it has been in a LONG time and everything that he was feeling was in his word a huge step in where i have been at!!  He was thrilled :)” -Jen

“I told myself that I would follow all the recipes even if I did not like some ingredients, i.e. beets, ginger. I was pleasantly surprised that I like everything I made for Day 1. The ingredients worked so well together to make everything very tasty. I feel better when I eat like this and plan on implementing more of these vegetables even after the cleanse. My toddler tasted this morning’s smoothie and loved it, plus it corrected her constipation by the evening. Yeah! Thank you Skylor for making this cleanse available to us.” -Stephanie

“I have never done a cleanse that had such a well laid plan. Most cleanses just tell you what you can’t have and the various restrictions per phase/duration. But you have done some much more -you have removed all the stress from the cleanser by providing a clear and focused plan with grocery lists which match the weeks recipes.” - Trisha

“I am on day 6 and loving the cleanse. I didn’t have any specific issues that I thought I needed to address by doing this cleanse, other than a few stubborn pounds, but I can already tell it’s helping with problems I didn’t know existed. My body feels better, my clothes fit better. And I am just really excited to be taking my health seriously (or more so than usual) and figuring out my kryptonite foods. I know they must be some of what I’ve cut out because I feel so much different than usual.” - Shannon

I have still been drinking my water + lemon + honey almost every morning since YOU suggested during one of your past instagram challenges. It’s so YUMMY! And it’s helped me to start eating breakfast more often! There are so many other wonderful things you’ve shared with me, about yoga, about business, about food… but starting my day with water and lemon has been my absolute favorite thing so far. Somedays, I drink more than one glass!  So, thank you. Sometimes it’s just the littlest things that make the biggest impact! - J. Powell (no relation :))

“The recipes are well balanced and taste delicious! I will continue using these recipes even after the cleanse. Not only do you provide a wide range of taste for the pallet, but you also leave the cleanser feeling full and satisfied!” - Trisha